Istanbul, Doctor Zen Clinic and Aesthetics Center

Istanbul, Doctor Zen Clinic and Aesthetics Center

Doctor Zen Clinic has a huge staff of 44 people, 12 of whom are plastic surgery, 19 are fully professional hair transplant specialists and 13 are assistant nurses. Doctor Zen Clinic and Aesthetics Center acts with meticulous and legal responsibility in terms of doctors, hospitals and health personnel; has been serving in Istanbul for 19 years with its doctors specializing in hair transplantation and aesthetics and experienced academic staff, in a fully equipped hospital environment, equipped operating theaters and the latest technology equipment.

All procedures are performed by a team of plastic surgery specialists and professional in a sterile hospital setting. Doctor Zen Clinic family meets with their patients one by one, listens and takes their wishes into consideration. Informs patients in a healthy way to achieve the best results. Mutually adopts trust and transparency.

Patients are guests. The procedures are performed in extremely superior and high quality conditions, completely considering the comfort of the patient. Doctor Zen Clinic is an organization that covers different solutions to each patient’s problems with individualized approaches and includes not only treatment, but also auxiliary and preventive additional services.

Doctor Zen Clinic comprehends the importance of human life and adopts it as a rule, it provides both patient and employee satisfaction. With this vision, Dr. Zen Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics Center, one of the world’s leading hair transplantation centers, has hair transplantation operations for approximately 20.000 people in 16 years.

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