Founder's Biography

Founder's Biography

İlker Horozcu: Born in 1972 and moved to Germany right after his birth. Returned to Istanbul, Turkey for his academic career to be finalized in Ankara for the university licence degree. Studied and learned tourism, and at the same time “learned to learn”. Traveled & lived inland and outbound for different purposes for years, seeking for knowledge. Lives in Istanbul, TURKEY. Married. Has a daugthter: Nehir...


*Bilkent University, Ankara: Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Travel Agency Management

*2019-2007: Tura Turizm, İstanbul: 2007-Incoming Cruise Operator, 2008-Incoming Cruise Division Manager, 2010-Incoming Manager, 2015-Tuvana Teknoloji / Tura Tech Director (concurrently) and 2017-Tura Adriatik, Croatia COO (concurrently)

2006: Karıncalar Turizm / Nar Gezi, Istanbul: Outgoing Operator and Tour leader

2005-2003: Interhol Holiday Services, Antalya: Online Sales Operator

2003-2002: Polo Accessories and Textile Company, İstanbul&Bucharest-ROMANIA: Management Consultant

2002: Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey, İstanbul: Tours and Seminars Department Manager

2001-2000: Fest Travel, Istanbul: Outgoing Operator and Tour Representative

1999-1998: Tour Market Tourism Travel Agency, Istanbul: Incoming Operation Manager

*Social Responsibility Projects: Aydın University-Semposium Speaker, İstanbul Kültür University-Lecturer/Full Time (continuous), Anafartalar Primary State School / School Commitee Tour Programs (continuous)

Certificates: Vocational Qualification Certificate as being Travel Agency Manager

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