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The journey of “Cangezi (Life is a journey)” brand starts with its academic and field career in 1991 followed by the birth of “Nehirle Akarken (Flowing with the river)” Discovery Club concept and “IZE Travel” Tailor-Made concept. And surely with the experiences that has motivated us for 30+ years in the industry. With such a motivation we wouldn’t need much time to get our system and infrastructure running. And, time for launch knocks the door…

Cangezi functions as both an Incoming and Outgoing Tour Operator for national and international guests…

Cangezi, the main brand, focuses on international market with her refined concentration on Medical Tourism for Healthcare, specifically “Obesity Treatment & Surgery“ with the sub-categories of each treatment.

Nehirle Akarken Discovery Club focuses on national local market in terms of individuals and private groups as being “club members” travelling domestic and abroad, to all around the world. Club members discovers the hidden secrets of the world, off the beaten path and experience the “first moment!” The synergy of sincerity leads them to explore together. Club members also obtain “Outgoing Tailor-Made Assistance Service”, knowing that “loyalty is the key!”

IZE Travel also focuses on international market both cruise and land base incoming programs from all around the world with its targeted origins as an “experience designer”. In terms of Cruise, the priority is City Tours “Shore Excursions” at all ports of calls in Turkey. When it comes to Land, the perspective from cultural point of view is broader such as City Tours “Land Excursions”, Incoming “Domestic” Package Tours, Tailor-Made Requests, Luxury Concept Tours and Theme Concept Tours.

Some additional services such as Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Transfers, Local Guidance and Assistance are ready to complete above listed main services.

The Company provides her guests the services within the portfolio both inland and abroad with the help of worldwide hundreds of local professional contacts in 150+ countries. The motto is crystal clear: Tailor-Made Experiences & Journeys, knowing that “experience is the key!” Cangezi puts upmost efforts to make a difference and make her guests feel special.

Life is a journey, enjoy…


  • Cangezi (Life is a journey) focuses on Medical Tourism for Healthcare, as being “a tailor”.
  • Nehirle Akarken Discovery Club (Flowing with the river) focuses on individuals as being “club members” travelling domestic and abroad, to all around the world.
  • IZE Travel “concept brand” focuses on both cruise and land base luxury & theme concept tours from all around the world as an “experience designer”.
  • Estemedi signs B2B contracts with international partners for Medical Tourism for Healtcare.
  • Travel Run Explore (Gez Koş Keşfet) organizes Marathons in Turkey and around the world for the runners as well as explorers.


Service Categories

  • Medical Tourism for Healthcare
    • Obesity Treatment & Surgery
    • Plastic Surgery (as being supplementary treatment of “Obesity Treatment & Surgery”)
    • Hair Transplantation along with Hair Design & Permanent Make-up
    • Mouth & Dental He
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