Obesity Basic Healthcare Pack & Holiday Pack, Istanbul

Obesity is considered one of the most serious diseases of both today and the future. It can be defined as “accumulation of excess fat tissue in the body”. Obesity is an important public health problem that causes changes in life and eating habits, excessive consumption of processed and health-threatening industrial foods and other factors resulting in both chronic diseases and loss of life comfort. Obesity Surgery is a powerful option for those who want to lose weight, but could not achieve this with various ways, such as sports, diet programs and different treatment methods. And this is one of the most effective methods in the treatment of the disease and achieves highly successful results in the long term. Obesity surgery is preferred for a fit and healthier life. The operations are successfully carried out by expert surgeons & teams here in TURKEY with affordable prices.


Obesity Surgery

  • Gastric Botox - (Overweight patients: Body Mass Index (BMI) 27-34)
  • Intragastric Balloon-6 months (Gastric Balloon) - (1st degree obesity: Body Mass Index (BMI) 27-34)
  • Intragastric Balloon-12 months (Gastric Balloon) - (1st degree obesity: Body Mass Index (BMI) 27-34)
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) - (2nd degree obesity: Body Mass Index (BMI) 35+)
  • Laparoscopic Gastric By-Pass - (3rd degree obesity: Body Mass Index (BMI) 35+)

Metabolic = Type 2 Diabetes Surgery - (Diabetic patients: Body Mass Index (BMI) 27,5+)

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy with Roux en Y Bipartition

Partners, Istanbul-TURKEY

  • İstanbul Cerrahi Hastanesi: Fully Equipped Private Hospital

Ferah Sok. No:22 Nişantaşı, 34365 İstanbul – TURKEY +90.212.2969450 / +90.212.4444424


“Fulya -Health Valley- of Istanbul”

Doctor: Asst.Prof.Dr. Fatih Can KARACA* – General Surgeon, Obesity and Metabolic Surgery

*Born in 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2006, graduated Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine. Following graduation, worked in General Surgery Department for 5 years. Between 2012 and 2014, did work at Istanbul Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital. He performed the 1st Metabolic Surgery in Turkey. Currently, he is working as an Obesity and General Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey and he operates more than 500 obesity and diabetes patients annually. Last year (2018), he performed 671 Bariatric Surgeries.

Detailed CV is available upon request…

Membership in professional associations:

  • Turkish Surgical Association
  • TOSS (Turkish Society of Obesity Surgery)
  • IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity)
  • Turkish Society of Metabolic Surgeons
  • BMCD (Turkish Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery)

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Upon arrival, meet & greet by your Healthcare Representative and transfer to Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, as per your arrival time or your Doctor’s availability. Welcome briefing accompanied by refreshments and reception. First physical evaluations by the Doctors, so that the Doctors determine and plan the treatment & surgery and for the purpose of nutrition plan during your holiday period. Transfer to your Hotel. Check-in. Rest of the day at leisure. O/N at the Hotel (see the hotel options below).


After breakfast, enjoy your half day city tour*. Return to your hotel. Rest of the day at leisure either to enjoy on your own or optional tours (see the tour list below). O/N at the Hotel.

*Explore the Old City (Sultanahmet) from the comfort of your private vehicle with photo stops. Depart for Old Town, cross Galata Bridge and view Old City’s Sea Walls as well as Sea of Marmara. As you reach the heart of Old City, take in the breathtaking photo opportunity of Blue Mosque’s magnificence. Also known as the ‘Sultan Ahmet Mosque’, it was built by his order over a 7 years period in 1609. See the German Fountain and Obelisks at the Byzantine Hippodrome, which was once at the heart of Constantinople’s political and sporting life. Nearby, the 6th century St. Sophia Museum, considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture. Visit one of the most colorful sites of Istanbul; the Grand Bazaar. The Bazaar is composed of two sections; the covered part and the modern part. The covered part is a whole quarter on its own and surrounded by a wall which can be entered through eleven gates. The maze of streets and lanes are one of the greatest sights in the city, where various trades such as carpets, jewelry, leather goods, silver, and varieties of souvenirs, textile, antiques, and home textile are segregated into particular sections of the bazaar. You will have the chance to explore the exotic atmosphere of the covered part as well as the opportunity to visit the open and modern section of the Grand Bazaar which offers the best artworks and most reliable shopping. You are invited to have a refreshment stop with shopping opportunity in one of the stores (On Sunday, as well as October 29th and religious festivities, covered section of Grand Bazaar is closed, thus only open / modern section will be visited or might be replaced with Spice Market, if necessary).


After breakfast, the day at leisure either to enjoy on your own or optional tours. O/N at the Hotel.


Check-out. After breakfast, meet by your Healthcare Representative and transfer to Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital. Check-in to the hospital. Required pre-medical examinations by the Doctors. The Doctors determine and plan the treatment & surgery. Treatment process starts. O/N at the Hospital.www.istanbulcerrahi.com/en


(Day-0) Surgery day. O/N at the Hospital.


(Day-1) Post-medical examinations. O/N at the Hospital.


(Day-2) Post-medical examinations and meet with your Nutritionist in order to plan your diet program. O/N at the Hospital.


Included Services

Treatment Package

  • Welcome briefing & reception at the Hospital
  • Pre-medical labs, radiologic and endoscopic examinations at the Hospital
  • All related clinic examinations (Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology, Internal Diseases, Anesthesia, Chest Diseases, Nutritionist, Psychology)
  • Surgery at the Hospital with the best possible and technologic equipment
  • Surgical team fees
  • Post-medical labs & examinations at the Hospital
  • Accommodation at the Hospital / Full Board basis x 4 nights including one (1) companion
  • Pre and post nutritionist program
  • Medication
  • Expert medical advice
  • A support network: after care package

Package Price: Ranges from €1.100-€5.550; in terms of the selected best possible treatment & surgery among the options which will fit to guest/patient’s physical values & expectations. (see more details “Process; in terms of Operation / Pre-Arrival” section).

Handling Package

  • Half day city tour including professional tour guidance, transportation with VIP vehicles and all parking fees
  • Ground transportation with VIP vehicles
  • Meet & Greet at the Airport
  • Healthcare Representative with private transportation
  • All parking and toll fees
  • All transfers with assistant
  • All service taxes
  • Service charge

Package Price: €449 – Guest/patient and 1 companion; to be provided as “complimentary” during Winter & Spring’20 period…

Excluded Services

  • International flight ticket/s
  • Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • VAT
  • Hotel*
  • Optional tours and activities**

*Hotels / Accommodation as per your selection from below options

City Hotel, Downtown/Upscale

City Hotel, Downtown/4-5 star

*Right across the Hospital…

*Very close to the Hospital…

Special Class Boutique Hotel, Old Town

Meal base

  • Breakfast only (BB) / Suitable for “Basic Healthcare Pack”

**Optional daily tours and activities


Embark a local boat for the cruise along the shoreline of Bosphorus, the narrow waterway, which joins Black Sea to Sea of Marmara to see picturesque villas and villages, admire the shoreline of beautiful mosques, lavish palaces and decadent villas. At the narrowest point, come across the Rumeli Fortress, which was constructed in 1452, the year before the Fall of Constantinople and is a fine example of Ottoman military architecture. 19th century palaces are dotted along both banks, and as cruising along, enjoy views of Dolmabahçe Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace and few remaining towers of Anadolu Hisar Fortress. Passing beneath the great Bosphorus Bridge, one of the world's largest suspension bridges, you are rewarded with the sight of curving domes and rising minarets, wrapped in a hazy veil. Disembark and walk to Spice Bazaar for your own exploration.

Process; in terms of Operation

Pre-Arrival: The guest/patient is asked some data in order to have first assessment and evaluation on paper from a distance, so that his/her Doctor can foresee the best possible treatment & surgery among the options which will fit to guest/patient’s physical values & expectations. Then, suitable Obesity Treatment & Surgery option is declared along with a price. If the guest/patient confirms the conditions, he/she is given an appointment by your local agent (Cangezi) based on the flight ticket purchased by the guest/patient. He/she flies to the destination…

PS: Apart from regular methods of communication (e-mail, phone call, text message, etc) Whatsapp call, Skype call and/or Video conference can be arranged at this stage…

On Arrival: The guest/patient is met & greet at the airport and transferred to the Hospital. Welcome briefing is provided. Check-in to the hospital and first physical evaluations by the Doctors. The Doctors determine and plan the treatment & surgery. Treatment process starts…

Before Departure: Provided data, in order to follow-up post-operation & treatment period are as follows;

  • Surgery-specific recommendations
  • Arrangements for other treatment/s
  • Diet program
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Reducing tobacco consumption -if exist-

Process; in terms of Payment

There are two components of Healthcare Pack

1-Handling Package: To be paid in advance

Some components of the Handling Package such as “Ground transportation with VIP vehicles, Meet & Greet at the Airport, All transfers with assistant, Healthcare Representative with private transportation and Hotel accommodation -if requested or included-” have to be booked in advance and pre-paid accordingly. Thus, advance payment is required.

2-Treatment Package: To be paid on arrival as cash

Based on the data assessed and evaluated in advance, the Doctor foresees the best possible treatment & surgery which may differ according to the physical values & expectations on arrival. Final price may change, if the foreseen type of operation changes or operation might be refused. Thus, advance payment is not required, but to be paid on arrival.

  • World’s Leading Healthcare Destination: Healing Generations for Centuries…
    • One of the first medical centers in the antiquity: Asklepion, Pergamon
    • Ranks Top 3 (revenue) and Top 5 (number of patient) in the world
  • Doctor quality and ability
    • Expert and specialist: Competent
    • Functional and painless
    • Multilingual: Guests native language
    • Effective diagnosis and treatment
  • Hospital quality
    • Modern, new and fully equipped with all required units
    • 4/5 stars hotel service: Max comfort in modern patient rooms
    • Service quality
    • Multilingual heath care reps: Guests native language
    • Professional management and assistance team
    • International standards: Accreditations
  • Technological infrastructure
    • New and advanced technology equipment and materials
    • Surgery equipment
      • The best material approved in the world
      • Innovative hardware
      • Smart device
      • Access to the best possible device
  • Affordable prices: Competitive - %50 price advantage compared to US and EU!
  • Dynamic and accurate service approach
    • Fast reaction in short notice
    • Fulfill the commitment
    • Reports and bills in native language
  • Turkish hospitality and warm welcome: Guest/patient satisfaction
    • Patients are guests, and treated preciously
    • Respect to diet and religious values
  • Service after treatment
    • Medical follow-up
    • Online consultancy
  • Private service in handling package: Accommodation, transportation / transfers, city tours, personal assistance and all relevant organizational needs
  • Destination/s itself: Antalya and Istanbul are the top-rated cities in the World
    • Direct flights from all around the world
    • Accommodation options and quality
    • Touristic factors
    • Weather conditions


Specific (clear)
Measurable (comparison)
Achievable (affordable)
Realistic (innovative)
Time (speed)

  • Cangezi is an official company registered to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce under “Cangezi Tourism Organization Trade Limited Company” full name with “184990-5” trade register number
  • Cangezi is an official travel agency registered to TÜRSAB-Association of Turkish Travel Agencies under “Nehirle Akarken Turizm” full name with “A-11559” license number authorized by Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Cangezi is an official travel agency entitled to operate in the field of Health Tourism within the scope of the regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist’s Health with “AK-0404” license number authorized by Turkish Republic Ministry of Health
  • Cangezi is a patented brand approved by official authorities
  • Explaining process to the guest / patient as crystal clear and close follow-up: Professionalism
  • Variety of city tours before and after the treatment: Experience
  • Representation of the country, partners and brand in the best possible way: Reliability
  • Private VIP service in handling package: Tailor-made service
  • Service in long term: Sustainability
  • Low cost and affordable competitive prices: Inexpensive
  • Location of suppliers: Centrally located in peaceful atmospheres
  • The founder of Cangezi, is awarded Vocational Qualification Certificate as being Travel Agency Manager
  • The founder of Cangezi, is working as a lecturer in the field of his expertise at Istanbul Kültür University Tourism and Hotel Management Program
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