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Istanbul, Mono Medical Center

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, known as Plastic Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery in short, has a wide area and briefly deals with the correction and treatment of deformities and deformities acquired from birth or later. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery section mostly aims to correct structural disorders and restore lost function. Aesthetic Surgery is about beautification and aims to make the body image more ideal and eye-pleasing.


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Congenital Anomalies: Cleft lip-palate, prominent ear, microtia (absence of ear), hemangioma, polydactyly, syndactyly

Tumor: Skin cancers, skin lesions, congenital masses

Trauma: Facial fractures, hand injuries, replantation (replantation of the broken limb), tissue defects

Burn: Burn treatment, burn scars, contractures


Aesthetic Surgery

Rinoplasty: Aesthetic nose surgery

One of the most common plastic surgery operations is rhinoplasty. With this operation, the nose can be reduced or enlarged. The nose belt can be removed, the nose tip can be raised or thinned, the nose base can be narrowed, the nostrils can be reduced. Breathing problems can be eliminated.

Otoplasty: Prominent ear

Prominent ear is one of the most common congenital ear deformities. Ideally, the child should be done right before starting school. It can also be done in adulthood. Since the surgical incision is behind the ear, no scar is seen.

Face and neck lift

With an incision extending from the ear to the hair, excess skin is removed, and the sagging and wrinkled face and upper neck are stretched. When necessary, facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgeries, eyebrow lifting, and oil injection to the face and lip are performed together to make facial rejuvenation more perfect.

Blepharoplasty: Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids

With the effect of aging, gravity and genetic factors, some changes appear in the lower and upper eyelids, making the person older, tired and sleepy. One of the methods to eliminate these changes is blepharoplasty. Taking the bagged fat tissues and removing the sagging skin and muscle tissue gives the person more vigorous and younger looks. If done with eyebrow lifting surgery, the result will be more pronounced and permanent.

Breast reduction and augmentation

Breast is one of the most important organs that make a woman feel her femininity. It can be enlarged if it is small, reduced if it is large, erect if it is sagging, and corrected if there is asymmetry between two breasts by plastic surgery operations.


The growth of breast tissue in men can visually affect the patient and lead to psychological problems. Excess breast tissue is removed by liposuction method and / or surgically.

Abdominal stretching, arm stretching and thigh stretching

It is the correction of loosening and sagging, especially after birth or excessive weight loss. However, if there is excess fat, it can be done with liposuction. The relaxed muscles are tightened. Sagging skin and fat excess are removed. The applied areas acquire a firmer, taut and flat look.

Body shaping and butt aesthetics

In case of excessive weight gain and loss, the skin sags and cannot be restored. This situation, which affects social life and self-confidence, can be resolved by surgery. Excess skin is cut off and the body is removed to a new form.

Liposuction: Fat injection

It is the process of removing unwanted fat deposits in the body with the

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